A beloved show and highly anticipated revival, Will & Grace originally ran in an age before social media, and its revival initiated the challenge of bringing the prime time darling to the digital age. To accomplish this, we focused on reminiscing the iconic moments from the legacy seasons, introducing the Fabulous Foursome to a new generation of fans, and opening the floodgates on Will & Grace digital content for the first time ever. The results of the campaign speak to the hunger of the fans and the success of the strategy with over 586 million total impressions, 66 million video views and over 1.42 million social followers gained across social platforms. Will & Grace’s season premiere was heralded as “the most social half hour comedy (or sitcom) measured since the start of Social Content Ratings” by Nielsen Social Content Ratings, and by the conclusion of the 2017 Fall season, Will & Grace ranked as the #1 most social broadcast comedy show by NSCR.



After an 11-year hiatus, we ignited Will & Grace fans with digital content across social channels for the first time ever. Most notably, the internet was starving for clips from the original run and oh honey did we deliver by releasing hundreds of clips from all eight seasons via season and character-focused playlists that have accrued over 23 million views. The next step? GIF it! We partnered with Giphy and Tenor to create brand pages (a first-to-market activation for Tenor) cutting and sharing countless legacy GIFs in advance of premiere. Our Tenor GIFs have also been viewed over 169M times! Once the internet was inundated with the Fab Foursome, we brought them to life through in-universe social accounts like Grace Adler Designs on Pinterest. The fandom became so activated in anticipation of the new season, a Facebook Community page for “The Beaverhausens,” as they’ve dubbed themselves, was created to geek out over every slap, “JUST JACK” and tummy touch.



Beaverhausens Facebook Fan Group


Grace Adler Designs Pinterest 


In addition to flooding the internet, NBC created a series of custom content franchises across social platforms to familiarize fans with the Fabulous Foursome, engage the fandom, and build affinity for the series (both legacy and current).

  • Story Programming: From announcing guest stars to cocktail recipes, bloopers, highlight reels, and Game Night, Instagram and Facebook Stories were used to expand the Will & Grace universe for fans week-to-week. Will & Grace was one of the first ever branded pages to have access to Facebook Stories, debuting with a recipe for the perfect Karen-approved martini on premiere night.

  • Just The Tips & DIY Meets DUI: Life advice from Jack McFarland & Karen Walker comes from two digital video series: Just The Tips with Jack and DIY Meets DUI, a court-ordered series with Karen.
  • Canvas Character Quiz: We created an interactive Facebook Canvas for fans to discover which Will & Grace character they were most like prior to the season premiere. This included 5 rounds of questions and numerous routes to either Will, Grace, Jack, or Karen.
  • Custom Videos: Character Edits & Supercuts: We created compilation videos for each character highlighting their best moments. To reinforce that the new season is just as funny and relatable as the previous seasons, we also created custom videos of the best insults & punchlines from the current season to date.


The construction of an on-set social lounge allowed for unprecedented access to talent, giving the Will & Grace social channels the opportunity to host influencers, guest stars, cast and crew for notable activations including Facebook Live set tour by Sean Hayes, a Facebook Live With for the return of Harry Connick Jr., Instagram Story takeover with Entertainment Weekly for the holiday special, and numerous Instagram Lives from Debra Messing and Megan Mullally throughout the season. By coordinating with talent directly, we were able to build the social followings of the cast by an incredible 5.6 million combined fans

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The quest to Make America Gay Again continued by partnering with some of our favorite charities, outlets and apps to raise awareness and a little money ($600,000 to be specific).

  • Grindr Gaymojis: Got cheeky with the Gay app to create 9 fabulous custom Will & Grace “Gaymojis” to be used on the Grindr App and in text messages through their emoji plugin. These were sent over 2.8 million times, with over 90K used per day.

  • Human Rights Campaign: Premiere Viewing Parties: We teamed up with Human Rights Campaign to host premiere viewing parties at LGBT clubs and lounges across the country in 13 states and 14 different cities. Megan Mullally and co-creator Max Mutchnick made an appearance at the Los Angeles premiere party which, combined with all 14 locations raised $108K and generated over 3.8 million impressions from social content
  • Shake Shack & GLAAD Character-themed ShakesIn partnership with GLAAD, Shake Shack created two Will & Grace themed shakes for their New York and Los Angeles locations. One dollar was donated to GLAAD for every Will & Grace themed shake sold in support of their ongoing LGBTQ efforts and Together movement. We coordinated with talent to help promote the partnership, generating over 405 million impressions from various social content. The shakes were also featured in People, Mashable, Entertainment Weekly, Refinery29, AdAge, LA Times, Huffington Post, Thrillist, Time Out, and Eater. The shakes made the broadcast circuit via KNBC, Today in NY & LA, Early Today, KTLA, and more.

  • New York Times: Will & Grace Comics: We worked with a New York Times illustrator to create 5 custom Will & Grace comics for use in the publication and on social leading up to the premiere



  • 1.42 million total social followers gained across platforms.

  • 585.68 million total impressions garnered across Facebook & Twitter.

  • Over 66 million total video views across platforms.

  • “The season premiere of Will & Grace is the most social half hour comedy (or sitcom) measured since the start of Social Content Ratings.” - Nielsen Social Content Ratings

  • #1 ranked broadcast comedy show by Nielsen Social Content Ratings for the entire Fall season

  • Over $600,000 raised in charitable efforts for numerous charities.

  • Talent social followings have grown by over 5.6 million combined.