In 2017 we delivered two new seasons of The Voice on Snapchat, a mobile-first TV experience on Snapchat.

The Voice is renowned for its heritage of pioneering social television. This year, to build on that heritage, we continued with The Voice’s established presence on Snapchat and developed two new seasons of The Voice on Snapchat. We reimagined the on-air show as a native, mobile experience by creating a series specific for mobile-viewing.  Not a digital derivative, not a rehash of what’s on-air, but a fully realized, original TV show on Snapchat based on the on-air show’s format: Audition round, Battle round, Finals, and Voting.

An astounding 40,000 people auditioned by submitting short, shareable entries. The only requirements were a mobile phone, Snapchat, and a song.

Those submissions were played and vetted by the Coaches as part of The Voice on Snapchat. They gave their reviews and selected the singers that would move on to the next round.  And while the underlying format was familiar to fans of the on-air show, the crafting of the Snapchat show took advantage of the native mobile format with innovative graphics and edits.

Battle rounds followed with the contestants going head to head. Then came the final rounds, and this time the audience got to choose the winner.  In another first, fans could vote by swiping on Snapchat.  That voting functionality didn’t exist, so we worked with Snapchat to develop and debut it for The Voice on Snapchat.  Now it’s a regular feature on the platform.

After the winner was crowned on Snapchat, the person then appeared on-air during a live episode of The Voice alongside Adam Levine, Miley Cyrus and Carson Daly.


The Voice on Snapchat was a breakthrough in mobile television programming.  The self-contained, original series is a first of its kind experience.  With the fast paced changes in TV, The Voice on Snapchat pointed toward what the future of a more diverse definition of “television” could look like.