The Tonight Show: Social Media

At The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, creating an interactive, fan-first social experience is at the heart of the digital mission. The priority is creative experimentation on new platforms and innovative evolution on existing ones with audience engagement at the forefront of every new social idea. We strive to create unique and exciting experiences for fans in a way that progresses the landscape of interactive television and social programming.  



Fans on social platforms get early access to the show’s biggest moments during the late night broadcast on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allowing followers to watch and share these moments with friends online. Beyond our daily programming slate, The Tonight Show engages with fans during the entirety of the on-air broadcast for every new show. Each evening the focus includes hosting live tweet sessions, releasing custom-made image posts, and creating bonus behind-the-scenes material for fans. The goal is to consistently retool the best linear content for digital consumption and social sharing.

Additionally, the traditional broadcast continues to engage with audiences directly on social media outlets to showcase the very best of fan-created social content, the biggest fan-favorite being the weekly Hashtags segment.



The Tonight Show’s Web Exclusives are original, digital-first videos. This gives audiences even more access to Jimmy Fallon and guests of the show. Web Exclusives feature Jimmy behind-the-scenes during a show taping as well as the show’s guests backstage. A fan favorite was a unique Facebook Live with Kyle MacLachlan that reached 1.2+ Million Views and 1,700+ Shares. Fans are invited to participate in web exclusives by contributing suggestions for funny dares, specific advice requests, and “pop quiz” questions for guests backstage.


LIVE Monologue Rehearsals

The Tonight Show creatively utilized the Facebook Live feature by streaming select Monologue Rehearsals with Jimmy allowing fans from around the world to interact with the show digitally.

Each monologue rehearsal livestream features Jimmy greeting the audience, giving a brief tour of the studio, and highlighting a few easter eggs for fans. Jimmy then delivers the jokes that are being considered for the show’s monologue segment offering viewers a "fly on the wall" insight into the writing and producing process. Throughout the live stream, fans online type their suggestions on favorite moments in the comment section.

One monologue live stream on June 20th, 2017 received over 750,000 views, 8,100 reactions, and 2,800 comments.


#MileyWeekOnFallon Campaign

In conjunction with Miley Cyrus’ week-long guest appearance from October 2nd-October 6th 2017 on The Tonight Show, the hashtag #MileyWeekOnFallon was used to encourage conversation and engagement on social platforms. Additional web-only videos and images were created for fans online who were eager to share in the upcoming events and coverage.

As a result of the digital efforts, ten (10) different videos received over 1 million views each on YouTube including five (5) trending videos. Our YouTube subscriber rate doubled week-to-week during this campaign and The Tonight Show YouTube channel had the 2nd highest views and minutes watched in 2017 along with the highest engagement and screen clicks in history of channel.



The show prioritizes a digital-first strategy when posting content from each nightly show. The very popular “Thank You Notes” from the broadcast is tailored for digital consumption through an animated version of the same written content. Each Friday, the social team releases a new animated cartoon from one of Jimmy Fallon’s recent Thank You Notes across all social platforms.






Instagram Stories

Developing a social strategy daily with Instagram Stories has been a highlight for The Tonight Show in 2017. Followers get access to creative show tune-in information, custom-made show images, and interactive games each day. The show occasionally features Guest Takeovers to bring even more creative BTS content to viewers prior to that evening’s broadcast.

Below are fan-favorite Instagram Stories featuring a mix of animations, graphics, videos, takeovers, videos, boomerangs, and interactive games.

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 3.49.06 PM.png

2017 Highlights

Results are from January 1, 2017-November 30, 2017

  • Over 3.8 Billion Views on Facebook and YouTube, combined

  • Over 67 Million Engagements on YouTube and Facebook, combined, with 20% of those engagements being shares

  • Over 7.2 Billion Minutes Watched on YouTube

  • The Largest Following in Late Night on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

    • The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon surpassed 13 million fans on Facebook, nearing 15 million on YouTube, closing in on 4 million for Twitter, and over 4 million on Instagram

  • Our Facebook Livestreams garnered more than 19.2m views this year