The Voice hits all the right notes, but what's happening on social really sets The Voice apart. The show is built from the ground up to have the most consequential, entertaining social experience on television. Fans expect nothing less from the show that pioneered Social TV.


With that legacy in mind, each season we ask how we can make that Social TV experience even more meaningful with these goals:

  • EXTEND STORYTELLING: Carefully coordinate with Coaches and Contestants to share their authentic experiences on social and to integrate that experience on-air as part of the broadcast
  • ENGAGE AUDIENCES:  Meaningfully connect with The Voice community through original content, talent activations, and high impact social campaigns.
  • CREATE URGENCY: Make each episode an event with live social activations tied directly to the on-air show.

The Voice met these goals and more, with millions of fans engaging with our content and the show regularly setting records on social platforms.


The following features – representing just some of this year’s high profile activations – demonstrate how The Voice integrates Social more deeply than any show on television.


  • The Voice Instant Save: The most successful Social TV integration of all time, encouraging fans to send millions of tweets each season. 
    • Each week fans vote via tweets for the contestants they want to save from elimination.  
    • Results are shown on-air in real time.
    • Because we use tweets and not direct messages, it’s the first true Twitter vote on episodic television. A Twitter exec told USA Today: “The Voice's Instant Save will be the first time Twitter will be used for an actual voting decision during a show.”
  • Skybox: The Voice’s dedicated on-air segment to showcase social.
    • Social content such as Coach live tweets and the Instant Save is integrated throughout each broadcast, but the Skybox is our place to go deep.
    • Carson Daly hosts during each live episode.
    • Topics could include calls to action to share fan art on Tumblr, showcasing backstage Vines, discussing Twitter conversations between talent, and more.


  • Influencers: We work with a wide range of creators and influencers, each adding their unique voice to the conversation.
    • KC James: Created original Vines from each Voice Tailgate, shared with his 4.5M followers and from our handles.
    • Gnumblr, Jasmine Safaeian, Jonny Wan: Tumblr Creatrs embedded in the show who created original GIFs for their Tumblrs and GIF graphics integrated into on-air.
    • And More: We regularly invite influencer fans to set and Tailgate, such as Amy Marie Gaertner (5M followers), Jessi Smiles (4.2M), Megan McCarthy (3M), Scotty Sire (2.6M), and many more.
  • Social & Messaging Platforms: Name a platform and we have a partnership with them. That’s what you have to do if your goal is to talk with your fans where they like to talk, and to offer experiences unique to the show. Of course we create the usual range of content on all platforms, but here are a few special highlights:
    • Facebook | Live Backstage Video: First ever partnership with a TV show to create and publish live, BTS content.
    • Bitmoji: Custom Voice emoji stickers on one of the most popular keyboard apps, a first for a broadcast show.
    • Twitter | Instant Save: The most successful Social TV integration of all time, created and managed via a partnership with Twitter and Telescope.
    • Snapchat:
      • Integrated our artists’ snaps while they watch themselves on the show into Our Story, a unique feat of both content and engineering requiring specialized development.
      • Sent custom Valentines snaps from Coaches to our followers depending on which Coach they requested as a Valentine, another effort requiring new technology.
    • Instagram | Zero Gravity Room: Installation with Instagram of a room backstage built on its side to produce mind-boggling, buzzy photos.
    • Riffsy GIF Keyboard: Custom Voice reaction GIFs published in a Voice folder, a first TV partnership for the keyboard app giant.
    • Tumblr | Fan Art on Broadcast: Integrated GIF art from fan submissions and Tumblr influencers into a performance by Team Pharrell.
    • Periscope: Live broadcasts from Tailgate and backstage, including viewing parties with Contestants during taped episodes.
    • Vine: Original comedy content produced with Vine and influencers.
    • Pinterest: Share Coach and Contestant looks, curated by the costume department. 


  • Voice Tailgate: The only native-social preshow for a TV show, with original content unfolding exclusively on social platforms.
    • Voice Coaches, Contestants, influencers, celebrity fans of the show (Gwyneth Paltrow, Terrell Owens, JK Simmons, etc.), and press (Refinery 29, Today Show, etc.) mingled backstage and shared the experience directly on their handles and The Voice’s accounts.
    • Original content such as video with the contestants from 5 Second Films, Vine 360 cam, Tumblr and Instagram booths booth, and social photographers publishing pics and short clips on Instagram.
    • Live Q&As with fans.
  • Video: More than 300 original videos for the site and YouTube give extra insight into talent’s experience on the show.
  • Audience: #RaiseYourVoice, one of our pro-social campaigns, had fans share stories of people with “unique voices” doing good in their communities.  We spotlighted selected stories on-air, with engagement from official handles and talent on social.
  • Internet Culture: We love social and we love the show, so we’re always looking to connect the two.
    • Cats Watching Taylor: In preparation for Taylor Swifts guest appearances, we reached out to cat influencers to share photos of their felines watching Taylor on The Voice, which quickly became a thing, especially on Tumblr.
    • Pick a Chair: Custom art tied into that famous dress, asking the audience, “What do you see, a black & blue chair or a white & gold chair?”



  • The most tweeted broadcast series in 2014 (Nielsen Social)
  • The most tweeted episode of a reality series, cable and broadcast, ever (Nielsen Social)
  • Most followed TV entertainment series on cable and broadcast (Listen First)
  • FACEBOOK: Most likes of any reality series on broadcast and cable
  • YOUTUBE: Most subscribers of any reality series on broadcast and cable
  • VINE: Most followers of any reality series on broadcast