Saturday Night Live is an institution that has, for over 40 years, remained one of the most culturally important shows on television. This year, in celebration of Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary NBC debuted the SNL app, a first-of-its-kind video app that combined the 40-season SNL archive with the latest content from new episodes in a unique user interface designed to maximize video views and encourage longer user sessions.

The SNL app is an entirely unique mobile video app, reflecting the singular nature of the 40 season library of Saturday Night Live.  The SNL app has enhanced discovery capabilities for nearly 6,000 sketches, resulting in new ways to enjoy the SNL library never before available on any site or platform.


This all-new platform includes

  • Innovative gesture-based interface allowing users to swipe from sketch to sketch, or dive in to the 40 season library and find favorite moments by season, cast member, character and more
  • A personalization engine that responds to what you’re watching and how you watch and predicts what you want to see next. The more you interact, the more you discover clips that fit your tastes and create bespoke “episodes” of SNL featuring your favorite moments.
  • 400+ Hours of Video spanning nearly 800 Iconic SNL Episodes
  • Never Before Released Moments, Original Digital Content and Personalized Features
  • An SNL Emoji Keyboard featuring characters and images pulled from the shows’ rich history

The app launched to rave reviews from the press. Mashable stated: “You won’t be able to put down SNL40, the new 40th anniversary app from Saturday Night Live. It’s a rabbit hole of humor, which is nirvana for SNL fans of all stripes and generations.”


Strong user feedback and reviews have translated to results:

  • Over 1M downloads within two weeks on iPhone alone
  • Over 100 million videos streamed

More specifically, the SNL app is

  • A library of over 6,000 classic and current clips: SNL’s classic and current moments from 40 seasons and almost 800 episodes available in one location, on the go, right in your pocket. The app is continually updated with the latest SNL video – including new broadcasts as well as digital-exclusive material – as new episodes and new seasons air.
  • An app that gets smarter as you go: A complex, semantic metadata model drives a personalization engine that responds to what you watch and how you watch it. By predicting what you want to see next and showing you only specifically curated content, you get an SNL experience that is customized just for you.
  • Elegant design: The visual tone is inspired by the show’s New York roots and comes from close collaboration with the show. The look and feel clearly evokes the culture of the city and the iconic SNL brand. The designs instantly connect with fans, engaging you from the very first screen. Meanwhile, modern typography, subtle motion and interactions connect people personally to the cast, characters and sketches. Colorful accents and interludes are expressed throughout the design – influencing the UI, menus and interstitial screens with a style that speaks to a mobile savvy audience.
  • Easy, fast and fun: The app is filled with micro-interactions; focused product moments that execute a single task only, and execute it well. As an example of these micro-interactions, we created a new paradigm with gesture-based video interactions. Like a clip? Swipe down. Want to skip? Swipe left or right. Want to share a clip? Swipe up. This unique video interface is simple and addictive, and each interaction makes the app smarter as you go.
  • Custom SNL emoji keyboard: The only place to find 60 classic and current SNL emojis. Your texting game just got that much better. 

Whether you’re a superfan or just want to see that sketch that everyone’s talking about, the SNL app is a completely new way to watch Saturday Night Live anywhere you want, any time you want.