Saturday Night Live’s unparalleled ability to combine entertainment, relevancy, and innovation across platforms contributed to our record-smashing season. 

Our approach established SNL as the essential voice to follow during one of the most unique political moments in our history.  And our groundbreaking original content set the bar for a television series in a multiplatform world.

The result: SNL was the #1 TV comedy on social (per Nielsen Social) during the most watched season in 22 years (per Nielsen).


This year we helped establish a new form of storytelling with Snapchat original shows that aired on Snapchat Discover. “The Boycott” and “Inside SoCal” reimagined what an SNL sketch could be in a native Snapchat format, making use of the vertical space and graphics in a way that wouldn’t work on-air but fit perfectly on mobile.


We took fans behind the curtain with an original digital series, “Creating SNL.” Each week we highlighted different aspects of production to showcase the amazing talents that bring SNL to life.


Many weeks we released sketches from rehearsal that never made it to air. These digital exclusive videos often became some of our most popular, as fans flocked online to experience some of the most entertaining digital-only content available anywhere.


Our entertaining original content and unparalleled ability to turn on-air material into digital moments drove national conversation.

During the show we created and distributed thousands of shareable assets. We live GIFed, live tweeted, meme’d the moments, cut short clips, created Instagram Stories, shared BTS on Snapchat, engaged with fans, and sourced content from fans. The material was often featured in press stories as they discussed the latest viral sketches.

Leading up to the show we worked with cast, hosts, and musical guests to create material throughout the week.  From original video of cast completing the Invisible Box Challenge, to beautiful Instagram photography backstage, to Facebook Lives with hosts, to Snapchat Discover Live Stories from the writer’s room, we integrated fans into the life of the show.


43 years of sketches are available in an innovative, swipe to view interface. The app also includes stickers that integrate into Apple Messages, allowing fans to use SNL characters as part of their visual communication with friends.