NBC.com: Station / Channel / Platform Website

Our goal for the NBC.com website was to create a destination where audiences and consumers could find the latest shows, events and programming schedule for NBC.

The latest NBC.com site design is fully responsive - providing quick access to Episodes, Clips, Schedule and Shows. The mobile responsive design scales easily and quickly - adapting to any screen - from laptop to phone and phablet. Our approach give the audience 24/7 access to thousands of pieces of content in the palm of their hand.

We designed the site to be clear, simple and streamlined - getting consumers to their content quickly and easily. The large "Hero" space showcases the most topical information throughout the day. Simple transitions instead of swipes provide more impact and focus for our consumers.

As the user scrolls down the page, they are greeted with the latest episodes, clips, features and more. Keeping the site incredibly visual is an important part of the design so audiences can recognize their favorite shows and content quickly. The navigation is also an incredibly important part of the design that separates the global choices from the rest of the content visually - for a quick read.

A key feature and differentiator with NBC.com is the ability to STREAM our LIVE Feed when available to the home page. Users can easily access the stream by tapping on the LIVE button in the global navigation - however, we are finding that the positioning of the live stream on the NBC.com home page is something that captures the audience's attention and increases both value and benefit to how they watch.

Below are key areas of focus with the NBC.com Mobile Responsive Re-Design:

  • NBC.com Global Home
  • Live Schedule - Including Prime Time & Late Night
  • Show Homes - for over 150 Active & Archives Shows
  • Video Landing Screens
  • Video Detail Screens
  • Show's Listing
  • Global Navigation
  • Search