Aquarius: Art Direction & Design: Program Promotion Website


Our goal for the Aquarius Promotional Website was to create an experience filled with custom artwork, posters and imagery influenced by the music, film, fashion and culture of the 1960's.

To achieve these results, we created a custom Tumblr site to promote both sharing and fan engagement with the characters, stories and content. Inspired by the era - we created custom posters and animated artwork that felt as vibrant, energetic and disruptive as the era itself.

The custom site includes parallax scrolling, cinemagraph animations, and basic cast information. Each day of the full series binge campaign - we released new custom artwork and animated graphics for the audience to favorite, like and share with their friends.

This niche-targeted approach created a lot of digital buzz for Aquarius - making it successful on our digital platforms while boosting the linear premiere of the program. 

The Art Direction for Aquarius focused on 3 specific areas from the period:

  • Music & album covers

  • fashion & period posters

  • artwork & advertising



We had a lot of fun with the creative for this site. From our Haight-Ashbury poster series to our Summer of Love Series - the motion designs and cinemagraphs played out beautifully wew


The Tumblr site was considered a success, and sparked  social conversations that reached a broad range of viewers, demographics and cultural centers. The Visual Design and Art Direction for the Aquarius Tumblr created site a constant buzz and acted as a key awareness driver throughout the series.

  • Weekly posts focused on 1960's music, fashion and culture
  • Acted as the official website and hub for social sharing
  • Generated tons of interest with younger audiences and viewers